1807 showcase

In 1807 Denmark is drawn into the Napoleonic Wars. The British fleet and army have found their way to Copenhagen and have the city surrounded on land and at sea. For three terrifying nights hundreds of bombs and Congreve rockets are raining down on Copenhagen. In the heart of city the landmark Church of Our Lady is standing tall and proud until it’s targeted by the British army. Soon huge flames from the church tower are lighting up the night sky and eventually the church is burnt down to the ground.

1807 is a location based 3D audio app that connects the story with the location of the Church of Our Lady and the listener’s imagination. It can be experienced using a smartphone and a pair of headphones. The smartphone enables the user to listen around them in an immersive 3D audio universe.

AWE has worked together with Mikkel Keldorf who has produced the story and with Thomas Howalt and his wonderful voice that is transporting the listener back in time to experience an important event in the history of Denmark.

Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen

Concept, Audio Design, Voice Recording, UX, App Design & Development

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