Best VR/AR/MR Sound award 2017

2017 Highlights

Last year we were fortunate enough to fly all over the world attending events such as SXSW, VR Days & Slush.

We took home the prize for best sound in VR/AR/MR together with Molamil at CopenXrealities and also made it to the finals in the Danish Sound Startup Pitch Battle and Invio Solutions for the Creative Cup Global finals.

Some Products & Projects from Last Year


Storytelling with Spatialized Audio!

We launched 2 versions of our 1807 historical fiction app, depicting the experience of the English bombardement based at Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady) in Copenhagen. The latter version contains an element of gamification where the user can interact  with sound on location to put out fires and bombs and save innocent citizens.
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Oticon Opn App

Oticon Opn AR is a mobile based augmented reality application. It allows people to experience how it is to be hearing impaired and demonstrates the difference between old and new hearing aid technology using spatialized audio. We worked on the audio system and the project was led by the talented Danish design bureau called Molamil. The product won the prize for best VR/AR/MR sound at CopenXrealities and came runner up in the sound category for VR Days in Holland. After developing the US version, we went on to develop the app in multiple languages.

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Anthropia is an art installation developed by Makropol. Working in collaboration with the creative team on the 3D audio system. The installation exhibited for 2 months at Copenhagen Contemporary and was sold out!

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DRE Plugin

DRE was developed in 2016, and is an advance command and feedback system for voice attack and for iRacing. In 2017 DRE underwent many iterations and improvements. Recently we were please to find out the tool is being used by non-VR racers too! Read more.

So whats coming up in 2018

This year we will have more team power than ever before. There’s lots of exciting projects in the pipeline with art, healthcare & education. All our projects will be updated throughout the year, both on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you can also sign-up to our newsletter to stay tuned.


If you have an idea, potential project or would like to know more about what we do swing by our office or send us an mail.