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Workshop @CopenXSound – Immersed in Audio

On 15th of December AWE hosted an audio augmented reality workshop for the CopenXSound – Immersed in Audio event at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. The organizers of the event wanted to increase the awareness of the importance of immersive audio.In addition to that, they also strived to empower professionals to start implementing immersive audio solutions to new or existing 360, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects. Danish Sound and CopenX were the organizers of the event.

In this blog post you’ll read about the event, also about the workshop organized by AWE and the key takeaways.


CopenXSound – Immersed in Audio event

Throughout the day participants had the chance to listen to few keynote speeches. They were also several workshops that helped to explore many aspects of Immersive Audio and improve participants’ professional toolbox. The speeches and workshops were provided by a number of Danish and international audio experts and industry leaders: Sound Engineer at GAUDIO LAB, Audio/VR evangelist at Audiokinetic, Co-founder of the spatial audio company acquired by Facebook, etc. Among them was our own, Per Beck Hansen, Co-founder and Audio Designer at AWE.

Danish Sound

The AWE workshop

26 participants have attended the workshop organized by AWE. The purpose of it was to show the Creator tool, explain how it works and get feedback from the participants. Most of all we wanted to gather feedback in order to improve user experience, features of the tool, potential use cases, etc.

At the beginning of the workshop Per delivered a short presentation about the company and the product.

Danish Sound

During the presentation Per showed a video, explaining how this technology could be used in real life.

Then he has introduced participants to 2 digital products made by AWE:


  • AWE Creator is a tool which allows users to design 3D soundscapes. The interface makes it easy for users to drag and drop sounds onto a geo-position and customize the sound by using the editing tools associated with that sound.


  • AWE Play is a mobile app that enables them to listen to the audio augmented reality experiences pre-made with the AWE Creator.
Danish Sound

After the short walkthrough of the tool, delivered by Egil Sandfeld, the Co-Founder and CTO at the AWE, participants walked outside of the building and created their own soundscapes that they later could listen to. The Creator tool works outdoors, and the system can recognize the location of the user, because of the GPS tracking.

awe workshop

The feedback session

As a result, some of the participants experienced a few technical issues when using AWE Play. They could not hear the sounds they pre-recorded or there was a slight delay. We as the workshop hosts made participants aware of the fact that the tool is still in the early development phase. Therefore it’s understandable that there are still some issues. Thus we will work on fixing them and improving the tool in near future.

In conclusion, the tool and the idea itself of creating this kind of technology received very positive feedback. Several of the workshop participants seemed to be excited about the potential use cases of augmented reality sounds. Most noteworthy were outdoor games & experiences, walks in the nature, museums and even hospitals. The participants have asked a lot of questions about the future of AR, the launch date of the Creator tool, etc. Some of the participants signed up for a AWE newsletter and will be updated on future product developments.

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Photo credit: DanishSound and CopenX