Man wearing Sonic VR

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: similarities, differences & future opportunities

Have you seen The Matrix, a movie released in 1999? It features characters that are living in a fully simulated world, with most of the population completely unaware of it. Although some previous movies have tried to depict VR, The Matrix had a major cultural impact and brought the topic of simulated reality into the[…]

Location based podcast - the app

Location based podcast @ Drone (collab. with Det Ovale Rum)

“We were having sex all night, but in the morning we became two strangers who were supposed to have a conversation. About the apartment to buy, studies, and what not. Ideally, I would have had another round with her”. Intrigued? This was a part of the invitation to the location based podcast experience at the[…]

awe workshop

Workshop @CopenXSound – Immersed in Audio

On 15th of December AWE hosted an audio augmented reality workshop for the CopenXSound – Immersed in Audio event at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. The organizers of the event wanted to increase the awareness of the importance of immersive audio.In addition to that, they also strived to empower professionals to start implementing immersive audio solutions to[…]