AWE Visits VR World Congress

VR World Congress is the UK’s biggest conference that focuses on Virtual Reality. It congregates buyers, sellers and developers from all over the VR industry and industries related. AWE attended this years event on the 12th April 2016 courtesy of Danish Sound.

We had so much fun we thought we would share a few photos from the event with us alongside the other Danish attendees (images from the official VR World Congress facebook page, by & Sam Duckerin Photography.):


Photo credit:

Danish UX Designer for Momondo having a blast climbing up the hillside using the Oculus Rift in recently released ‘he Climb’ by Crytek.


Khora trying VR

Photo credit: JonCraig

Khora’s, Simon Lajboschitz.


Danish Sound at VRWC

Photos courtesy of JonCraig

It was not uncommon to see players feeling presence and being totally immersed in a demo about space and the ocean using the Samsung Gear VR.


Alice Jennings and Per Beck Hansen from AWE

Photos credit JonCraig

AWE’s own speaking to other VR believers about the powers of 3D audio.


Photos credit: JonCraig

Overall it was an amazing opportunity to meet some of the leading minds in both the VR and AR community. Our takeaways from this event and our further collaboration with our Danish network, will continue to help us make Audio the most immersive yet.

Did you visit the conference or another similar and would like to join in our discussion about audio in VR, please feel free to comment below or contact us via our website.