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MultiCurver – Wwise curves batch editing tool

In the office we’re spending most of our waken hours in Wwise customizing awesome sound experiences for our customers and users. Devoting time to really dial those volume, hi-pass, lo-pass curves in on sounds helps making a much better soundscape, and quite frankly this is where Wwise really excels compared to eg. Unity audio. We find[…]

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5 key areas every Audio Augmented Designer should follow

With Virtual Reality (VR) bringing back huge attention to 3D audio design, the following transformation to Augmented Reality will be even more important for utilization of audio. Users need to be able to experience seamless interaction between the real and digital worlds, and this challenge must be solved in different areas within this field. Which[…]

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App based audio augmented reality experiences for businesses

Audio augmented reality experiences for businesses Audio augmented reality is one of the new trends in the AR environment and a promising investment for the future. Implementing immersive audio experiences in the businesses will help to attract new customers and create more active ways of interacting with their surroundings. AWE help businesses to develop interactive soundscapes solutions that[…]