• [FIXED] Bug with Imperial display units (Fahrenheit), as the weather alert for air and track temp have a mistake in the conversion from the internal Celcius to Fahrenheit.
  • [FIXED] Decimal issues with weight based fuel cars resolved
  • [FIXED] Other Decimal issues
  • [FIXED] Improved code to be a bit more performant
  • [FIXED] Internal versioning checks for the latest version
  • [CHANGED] weatherUpdateInterval in DRE.ini is now by default 600 seconds between checking weather. If you already have DRE installed, you need to manually change this variable, if you want to. Previously it was every 300 seconds (5 min)
  • [CHANGED] Air Temp now has to change 2 degrees celcius in order to trigger an alert. Previously 1.5deg
  • [CHANGED] Track Temp now has to change 2.5 degrees celcius in order to trigger an alert. Previously 1.4deg. Also the track temp being tested now has a slight running average, so it’s not as effected by wild fluctuations as before. That means a single quick cloud sliding past shouldn’t affect the alert as much as before. You may always ask DRE about “Current Track Temp” in order to get a straight up answer. Finally the track temp and air temp alerts variate a bit more in verbosity to keep it fresh.
  • [CHANGED] Added a few new ways to help out with debugging DRE, by calling the command to build debug data, by saying “Get data”, “Output data” command when requested by me to do so.
  • [CHANGED] When crossing the S/F in practice and quals, you no longer hear about delta times in the last five laps to others, because they don’t make a lot of sense to use here due to short stints.
  • [FIXED] Removed older TrackTemp variable that was given us temperature at the S/F line. In a recent patch for the 2019S1 build, the TrackTemp was converted to show the exact same as the TrackTempCrew, that measures all around the track. We, my gents, lost a long time soldier in the S/F temp, and now instead only get track temps as an average from all around the track. Long live TrackTemp!
  • [FIXED] Removed fetching data in “Weather status” command as the data should already be present. This can hopefully shorten the time taken before DRE starts telling us weather info
  • [FIXED] Improved Alert Fuel Window logic so it makes sure not to factor in laps that you have pitted on, as well as checking that basic data is there to calculate when the window opens.
  • [CHANGED] The command “What time is it” now reports time in your system time format.
  • [FIXED] Internal issues where som variables weren’t initialized before being used
  • [FIXED] Separated calculation variables in DRE profile from variables in backend code
  • [FIXED] Pit countdown bug where pitting into the lane was immediately being regarded as pitting out. Also the exit distance point of the pit box was not updated when the box position changed. Thanks to Manke and Walls for stellar debugging help
  • [FIXED] Bug appeared in races that were determined by laps, and if you we’re lap(s) down to the class leader. That would mean that it would cut the remaining laps short and eventually switch the fuel calculations from using laps to using time left in the session. Usually time left in laps-determined races have more time. That means that the auto fuel feature will engage more fuel that was actually required for a laps-determined race.
  • [FIXED] Issue with team racing, where you would be called by the name of your team mate who drove the car when you joined it and started DRE. This should now update to whoever is in the car
  • [FIXED] Denying DRE from telling you your team mates name when initalizing
  • [FIXED] Further profing of time losses of other cars. It should now not report major time losses of other cars on the first lap after they have pitted
  • [FIXED] The “No fuel” command is now secured against yourself. If fuel check box is already off, it won’t be re-toggled the next times you say “No fuel”
  • [ADDED] “Download DRE” command that takes you directly to the download page for DRE. You will be reminded about being able to say “Download DRE” upon new version alerts as well.
  • [FIXED] Small change in DRE Changed session variable, where an integer was written as text
  • [FIXED] Weather bug appearing when switching servers
  • [FIXED] A bug with the internal bug message service (the meta is strong)
  • [FIXED] Issue where general session data was not marked as acquired upon starting a session.
  • [FIXED] Fuel data is now available after the first hotlap
  • [FIXED] Fuel data now takes into account if DRE has been started later into a session, where you have already driven laps
  • [FIXED] Warnings about low safety drivers behind you on track are now only heard if they haven’t set a time yet, or if their best time is quicker than yours. Similar in front, but you have to be quicker than them
  • [Added] When asking for weather and specifically track temps, you now get both the track temperature as an average around the track, plus the temperature at the start finish line. This is useful to make up a good understanding of how the track can variate around the track. Eg. the average temp could be 28C around the track, while it could well be about 39C at the S/F line.
  • [FIXED] Updating the tires age information constantly while in pits to make sure changes are reflected in that same frame, before you leave the pitstall
  • [FIXED] Pit countdown suffered from using the old pit box location from practice + quals during races, where it’s most likely moved to another place. Big thanks to Jack Walls for pointing this out and banging my virtual head 😉
  • [CHANGED] Auto fuel feature has a change to its logic and engaging auto fuel (and setting the fuel amount in black box) from: At least 2 laps into a stint + max 7 laps from empty fuel tank – to now instead using: At least 6 laps into a stint
  • [CHANGED] “Auto fuel now / Engage auto fuel”, is possible to trigger even without the alertAutoFuel parameter enabled. So you can let DRE set the amount of fuel needed whenever. DRE still needs some fuel data from laps before there’s a foundation to calculate on, so without that it’ll disable fuel filling
  • [FIXED] Internal conversion issue with Low iRatings were wrongly parsed as number and should be a text string
  • [FIXED] Intenral conversion issue with pitlane times of other drivers that was sent to VA
  • [FIXED] Internal issue with checking for pro license caused fuel data to not be a numerical value
  • [FIXED] Delta Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion causing 0C degrees delta to result of 32F delta. 0C delta should be 0F delta which it is now
  • [FIXED] CurrentRPM value would be 1000 times larger than the actual value. That’s corrected now
  • [FIXED] Finally found the bastard of “there’s int number of drivers racing”, which was hidden in the DRE Change Session command. Thanks for being patient about this fix. You know who you are ;P
  • [FIXED] If no fuel is needed when “Auto fuel” engages, it will now disable fuel filling for the next stop
  • [FIXED] Pit countdown should now be more reliable in terms of counting down, as it won’t start counting down before you are actually inside the pitlane green cones. This way, we can make sure you are driving at the pitspeed limit and have a more solid estimation of when you hit the pitstall.

New update focusing on stability and fixes. The 2.9 update also welcomes two new features about tire age and general opponent information. As always, please send bugs and issues to

  • [ADDED] DRE tells you about tire age of specific tires and remembers laps completed for each tire. Previous versions reset the number of laps whenever any tire was changed. This means you can keep track of tire conditions better and hopefully ace future iRacing features with limited tires for a race session. Use the feature by calling the “Tires age / Laps on this tire set / Laps Tires” command as usual.
  • [ADDED] New command! “Status of number 42 / Status of the 100 car” returns position of another car. Specify the car number of the car you want details on and DRE will attempt to look up the data for you. Apart from position, you may hear the name of the driver, gap between you and that car, their last lap time + your delta to that, their best lap time + your delta to that, and how many laps they have done in their current stint
  • [FIXED] After doing a refactor of weather commands in 2.8.1, some other weather commands missed a couple of variables.
  • [FIXED] Calculation error when converting weather data from internal Metric to English units
  • [FIXED] Securing read of the Driver Markings text file from documents
  • [CHANGED] Track temperature now uses the TrackTempCrew instead of TrackTemp. The Crew variant measures temps around the track to an average temp rather than having just one measurement at the S/F line which isn’t a good single reliable measurement. In the past TrackTempCrew wasn’t updated from iRacing’s side, but it is now again, so we can switch back yay
  • [CHANGED] Delta weather variables should always be up to date on current weather compared to the starting weather. Also this is now separate from the weather alert deltas.
  • [CHANGED] Minimum Voice Attack version is now 1.7. Download it from:
  • [CHANGED] Warnings for low ratings ahead or behind now call the iRating of others as 2.1K instead of 2142
  • [FIXED] Added more checks to secure that when DRE tells you about number of drivers, that it should have an actual value defined
  • [CHANGED] Number of laps on the tires are corrected so that you start by having completed 0 laps on the tires. Previously it started with being 1 laps old which wasn’t true
  • [CHANGED] Made DRE core internal updates run more often for Tire Info like how old the tires are. Also refactored the tire info code.
  • [CHANGED] ‘Alert Car Left Right’ is now a part of the Free package
  • [CHANGED] ‘Tire Laps / How many laps’ on these tires is now a part of the Free Package
  • [CHANGED] ‘Stint laps’is now a part of the Free Package
  • [REMOVED] Variables List PDF as it was not kept updated or used. Contact me PM if you want updated lists of the variables, or search through the DRE profile.vap file with a text editor
  • [FIXED] Issue with Alert Other Drivers’ Timelosses where it would trigger if you pitted, as the time loss is relative to your time. It now factors in and ignores triggering on your pit in and out laps.
  • [CHANGED] Removed “Thanks a lot” from the “Say thanks” command since this may have a negative meaning in the US 😉
  • [FIXED] Driving through the pitlane without stopping in the pitstall now allows proximity alerts to continue to work
  • [CHANGED] Getting proximity alerts when you are exiting the pits: Now you are not disturbed about drivers out on track while inside the pitlane, unless you are heading to the pit exit and is less than 110 meters from the exit
  • [FIXED] Chat commands like pitting in could leave “æøå” characters instead of ‘

Various fixes to the big update that was released earlier this week. Thanks for the heads up to those reporting bugs.

  • [CHANGED] Removed “Show me / Show my time” from the “Box Left” command. This was a multipart because pressing left will scroll and find your time in Standings Black Box. Say “Box left” to find your time. It is removed because it doesn’t work in multi class racing.
  • [FIXED] Another attempt at correcting the number of drivers in the session when getting in the car before a race
  • [FIXED] Fixed some decimal separator issues that would cause severe Earth surface temperatures. Due to separator on some machine being a comma (,) this would previously have caused DRE to ignore the separator and add the decimals as whole numbers causing something like 4278C track temps.
  • [FIXED] Limiting pit count down to only mention the time to the pit box when there’s less than 90 seconds to the box. Sometimes the pit entrances would be mapped to be on the other side of the track (Why iRacing, why?) and DRE now simply skips that
  • [FIXED] During pit count downs, if DRE is already talking, that single pit count down is now skipped as it would be delayed otherwise and therefore not match the time to the box. The final call of “Pit now” will override if anything is said and force it way through to your ears
  • [FIXED] Refactored a lot of code from the early days. This hopefully has fixed issues with imperial vs metric conversions

Big update with 5 new features giving you NASCAR style pit countdowns, better info about your race performance results, estimated iRatings and more. Also plenty of fixes and improvements

  • [UPDATED] DRE now requires .NET v4.6.1. Download it from here:
  • [ADDED] More and better info when completing a lap. This is heard via the “alert new lap” alert that will now include more info about the performance of the cars around you
  • [ADDED] Post race safety rating and iRating changes from results. This will be announced only after official races and after the results have been created by iRacing. Usually this takes a minute after everyone has crossed the checkered flag.
  • [ADDED] Two brand new commands: “Estimated rating” and “Estimated rating next” which will calculate an estimated iRating for the position you’re in and the one ahead. This obviously works for official races only and is an estimate that can be up to a few ratings off the actual values. During testing though, it has been spot on. This is nice to use if you’re interested in iRatings
  • [ADDED] “Reload settings/Reload config” command: Reloads the DRE.ini file. You can reload while Voice Attack is running to update DRE with any changes made to the DRE.ini without having to restart Voice Attack.
  • [ADDED] Nascar style / alternative to current pit stall count down added. After starting the new DRE version, you will see two new lines in DRE.ini: pitCountdownType and pitCountdownBegin. Setting the pitCountdownType = 2 will result in a seconds-based countdown from fx. 10 seconds to your stall. For reference, you should hit your stall and come to a stop on the count of “1”
  • [CHANGED] Pit Countdowns have been moved to be a free feature.
  • [CHANGED] Alerts about near drivers with relative low irating to you, has now been limited further. The other cars must be driving and be within 125m of your car now (before 175)
  • [CHANGED] For metric liter users, when asking for “fuel fill” and “fuel needed” it should now provide amount including 1 decimal
  • [FIXED] Next race alerts should only appear during official practices and when you have actually entered credentials in DRE.ini
  • [FIXED] Attempting to prevent oil and water temp alerts from triggering when iRacing delivers sun surface like temperatures.
  • [FIXED] Small issue where data was missing after running a hosted race, and then joining another hosted session immediately after.
  • [FIXED] Week 13 races and non-official races should now act as race (and not qual sessions) with DRE
  • [FIXED] During lone quals, your info should include more data. Note, that lone quals still limit quite a lot of information of other drivers.
  • [FIXED] When using live position updates (those that immediately tell you your new position during races), it would regard towed drivers are being in front of you. These should now be ghost-locked to their latest position on track before towing.
  • [FIXED] Drivers actually connected will now be mentioned when connecting to a new session. In the past it didn’t always update this number and could result in just a “int currently racing”.
  • [FIXED] In races with lone qual sessions, the positions and class positions were off because all data isn’t transmitted to the client. That means DRE now pulls the positions from sessionInfo instead

Patch update to fix various issues, that some of you have reported in. We are very appreciative of that.

  • [CHANGED] Voice Attack 1.7 is now a minimum requirement for DRE. Update via if you haven’t already
  • [ADDED] A new keybind for the previous radio chat channel. Look for “keyChannelPrevious” in Keybinds.ini. Default bind is the key “G”
  • [FIXED] Master Up / Down and Mic Up / Down commands were left out of the profile by mistake, so they were added back into the profile.
  • [FIXED] Timed races should now track the right times, as in time remaining, time elapsed in session etc. This affects fuel calculations which some of you reported was very off.
  • [FIXED] Internal folder creation when outputting debug data for tracking issues
  • [FIXED] For debugging purposes, the command “Generate Drivers List” now also produces the current sessionInfo as well as mixed bag of data to two new text files.
    When sending in issues please attach both DATA-, Drivers- and YAML- files
  • [FIXED] End of race class position was reported as zero. Several attempts to catch the class position towards the end has been added
  • [FIXED] Default keybind for keyTearOff is now Alt + T as it should be (was Alt + G before) Make sure your bindings in iRacing and Keybinds.ini are correct.
  • [FIXED] Registers change of session now even when you just change car or track during offline practice
  • [FIXED] When other drivers lose time and the alert is triggered, they should now correctly mention if those drivers are ahead or behind you (Thanks to Kris Roberts for providing the necessary data)
  • [FIXED] Spotter should now call when cars are left and right again, and not just call “Clear” when it’s over.
  • [FIXED] At Spa Combined (and possibly other tracks) DRE received a faulty call from iRacing when outside the curbs at Blanchimont that you are going to pit.
    This is wrong and now, entering pitlane can only happen on track when you’re 100 meters or less away from the actual entrance. This is solely for stopping the bad calls from iRacing.
  • [FIXED] Corrected bug that could lead to duplicate previous laptimes and thus render lap time comparisons obsolete.
    Each new registration of a lap time for you and other cars should only happen when there’s actual data for that new lap
  • [FIXED] Stopped Next Race Alerts from happening in lone-offline racing
  • [CLARIFICATION] Some of you have reported that “Tear Off” and “Wipe windscreen” commands don’t work.
    Make sure you have set up keybinds in both iRacing and Keybinds.ini (found in the Documents/DRE folder) for both: keyTearOff, keyWipersToggle and keyWipersTrigger
  • [CLARIFICATION] If you set the fuelTargetUnit in DRE.ini this only changes the fuel unit type for commands that involve fuel targets – not other fuel commands like “Fuel needed” or “Fuel left”.

Major internal overhaul of DRE – giving you the most reliable and stable build ever! Refactored 10000 lines of code to create a solid foundation for future work and features.
Support for Heat Racing has arrived and with that joker information. Better information before qual and races as well. Lots of goodies 🙂

  • [ADDED] DRE now fully supports heat racing!
  • [ADDED] More relevant info before qual and race sessions
  • [ADDED] In races where joker laps are required and still left: Alert has been added in alertNewLap to warn about that you need to take one.
  • [ADDED] Command to ask for joker laps required: “Jokers required”
  • [ADDED] “My jokers” command, to get how many joker laps you have completed in this session.
  • [CHANGED] “Wipe windscreen” and “Tear off” commands are now combined. Say any of a select combinations to clear your vision. The command will trigger both the Tear Off and Wipe Windscreen keybinds at the same time, and since these are never both in use, one of them will do the job and clean your window/visor. You may also command eg. “Toggle wipers” with the “toggle” keyword to turn on/off wipers.
  • [CHANGED] “Fov up/down” commands has changed into “Set fov up/down” to avoid false positives triggering this command
  • [CHANGED] Added “Toggle pit limiter” to the already existing “Force pit limiter”. This command will engage/disengage the pit speed limiter in the car if there is one.
  • [CHANGED] Refactored a lot of code to make things run smoother and more precise. Built and used internal new debugging tool to verify data is correct.
  • [CHANGED] Removed random asking to do a checklist when getting in the car for quals and races. You can still start the checklist manually by saying “Run checklist” or similar
  • [FIXED] New leader alerts are no longer triggered if you have alertNewPositionInQual disabled
  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix extreme high wind and temp alerts.
  • [FIXED] Fixed weather alerts at start of a session where the starting condition was not set. This resulted in quite severe changes in weather, and is now fixed
  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix Fast Repair unchecks by adding a short wait time before DRE fills into the iRacing chat, to fire off the #fr, #-fr and #!fr commands
  • [FIXED] Switching between drivers when watching a session previously used to switch using the data from result positions which only update when cars cross the S/F line, but now instead uses the live position if that’s enabled
  • [FIXED] With less than 5 minutes until the next race, DRE would tell you twice about this. This is now fixed, so DRE will only tell you once.
  • [FIXED] At tracks where the pit exit is before the S/F line, DRE now correctly work, giving you warnings of drivers exiting pits at the right places – and not all around the track.
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug where auto fuel triggered several times towards the end of a race.
  • [!] Known bug: Some times lap times are not updated for other drivers. This mostly affecting delta time calculations to those drivers, and it shouldn’t be a critical issue for now. I am investigating it and hope to have a fix for the next DRE version.

Big update! Apart from lots of fixes, changes and performance improvements, we see two major new features: Next Race Alerts & Marking of drivers.
See this short video about the Next Race Alert:

  • [ADDED] Mark drivers to a local database, in case you want to be reminded about them in future sessions. Mark a driver by calling either “Mark driver ahead”, “Mark driver ahead on track” or the equivalents commands for when behind. If you want to undo this recent marking or simply unmark a driver, which DRE just told you about, simply call “Unmark driver”. The database is stored in your Documents/The Digital Race Engineer/MarkedDriver.json, so you may manually edit the list this way as well. DRE will warn you once when entering a session and again once you are close to the driver on track.
  • [ADDED] Alert Next Race. In Official Practice sessions, this returns time in minutes until the next race and how many are registered for the race. Set your credentials (iRacingEmail & iRacingPassword) in DRE.ini to enable this alert, or leave the field empty to disable it. Credentials are stored locally only and used for accessing the restricted-by-login time of the next race and how many registered for it. If you don’t trust this, don’t add your credentials 🙂
  • [ADDED] Oil Temperature warning added, which by default is set to a threshold of 155C/311F. As always you can disable the alert in DRE.ini: Set warningOilTemp to 0 (will be shown in ini file after first launch of the new version)
  • [ADDED] PRO command: “Auto fuel” – Force DRE to calculate and set the fuel for the next pitstop. DRE will announce the amount calculated. This command is similar to when DRE automatically engages the auto fuel, but with this command you can force it to calculate whenever you like.
  • [ADDED] Extra check on “Set fuel to xx” command, where DRE now tells you if it couldn’t parse the amount.
  • [ADDED] DRE attempts to capture the actual start time of a race in order to have a more precise time calculation, and thereby a better fuel calculation. Now DRE tried to use this, if you were connected at the start of the race. If not, it will default back to using the SessionTimeRemain parameter, which is a bit less accurate. This addition means that time left and fuel fills should be more precise. Again, make sure you have enough fuel to the end and don’t solely rely on the fuel calculations done by DRE!
  • [ADDED] Commands now available for F1, LMP1 and IR-18 cars with the following controls (will show after first restart of the new profile version): keyABSSet, keyHYSBoostHold, keyHYSNOBoostToggle, keyInLapModeToggle,
    keyFCYModeToggle, keyMGUReGenInc, keyMGUReGenDec, keyMGUReGenSet, keyMGUDeployModeToggle, keyMGUFixedDeployInc, keyMGUFixedDeployDec, keyMGUFixedDeploySet,
    keyMGUOptDeployHighInc, keyMGUOptDeployHighDec, keyMGUOptDeployHighSet, keyMGUOptimizedSpeedInc, keyMGUOptimizedSpeedDec, keyMGUOptimizedSpeedSet
  • [CHANGED] After the first time you run DRE 2.6 in Voice Attack (by executing InitializeTheDRE), autoFuelSafetyAmount in DRE.ini will from then be a percentage instead of a fuel amount. The reason for this, is that running on a short track versus a very long track means you need different amounts of safety margin in terms of fuel. Fx. a short track might only need 1L/lap, whereas Nordschleife might need 13L. Therefore by applying a % (the default is now 110%) as the fuelSafetyAmount, it will now take into account the average fuel usage per lap.
  • [CHANGED] Track Temp reportings now use TrackTemp, instead of TrackTempCrew, as that is only updated once when joining the server
  • [CHANGED] Wing Up an Wing Down commands now require “Set Wing Up”, to avoid false positives, where this command could trigger too easily from background noise
  • [CHANGED] In DRE.ini, “fasterTimeThreshold” is no longer used. Instead track length is factored in to calculate how much faster another car must be in order to warn you, when the car is approaching. At track length of 500m the delta is about .5 sec, while at 10000m the delta is about 5 seconds. This should make the alert a bit more useful on oval courses as well as at long and short tracks.
  • [FIXED] an issue with weather alerts that weren’t triggered. They will now trigger, when dynamic weather changes sufficiently over time
  • [FIXED] Upon quitting Voice Attack, DRE no longer cleans up after itself, in order to process the quitting faster.
    This might resolve issues where the process hangs and needs to be closed in Task Manager.
  • [FIXED] Auto fueling won’t any longer be possible to trigger whilst in pits. The issue was that swapping drivers could lead to new triggering of auto fueling.
  • [FIXED] During cautions we won’t hear from DRE anymore if other cars have lost considerable time on the last lap (which they probably have due to the caution), nor if they are pitting.
  • [FIXED] Restricted which laps are regarded as proper laps when calculating delta times to other cars over the previous 5 laps. Now these lap times must be roughly within +/- 4 seconds between your and the opponents time on that lap in order to be factored in. The 4 seconds is approximate as it factors in the length of the track as well.
  • [FIXED] Made calculations at pit exits adaptive to track length. This is important on eg. shorter ovals, where the pit exit length is quite short.
  • [FIXED] “No Fuel” didn’t work. It should work now, so giving this command will only disable fueling in the next pitstop as intended
  • [FIXED] Water temperature warnings can now trigger while in pits. They are also prevented from repeating unless the temperature goes below the limit and then above again.
  • [ADDED] More love for DRE
  • [FIXED] Class positions should now be correct again, after discovering an issue with the logic
  • [FIXED] In team racing, driver names, irating and safety rating weren’t updated when swapping driver. It now should be.
  • [FIXED] Voice Attack could sometimes hang as a process after closing the app, resulting in you not being able to re-open it until you force closed the process/task. This should now be fixed.
  • [CORRECTION] Max Cars in Graphics settings should always be set to 63, when using DRE. This is so DRE receives the data it needs to calculate timing properly. Setting it lower results in wrong positions, class positions, times, pit alert for other cars etc..
  • [CHANGED] Shortened a lot of command replies, so DRE spends less time talking nonesense to you 🙂
  • [CHANGED] Changed the way “Remember to …” command works, so it’s better at actually remembering what you said, to be read out loud the next time you exit the car
  • [FIXED] Removed race synopsis start race position as it apparently keeps bugging me 🙂
  • [FIXED] Fixed a bunch of backend issues with checklists.
  • [FIXED] Moved version checks out of updates for checking newer version online. Now DRE will just check the local profile and plugin versions, and report later in case there’s a newer version.
  • [FIXED] Your own incident count is now being reset between sessions
  • [FIXED] Pit commands now only trigger is iRacing is connected (make sure you’ve succesfully run the initializeTheDRE command when opening/starting the VA profile – see the Setup PDF for details)
  • [FIXED] Class position was setting the overall position. This is now fixed.
  • [FIXED] OutLap of other cars can no longer be -1. If DRE didn’t catch the actual outlap of a driver, because you connected after the driver went out, if defaults the outLap to the driver’s current lap or in worst case lap 0
  • [ADDED] “Say” commands added so you can send a common text chat message. Included is “Say thank”, “Say sorry”, “Say pit[ting] in”, “Say pit[ting] out”. All of these message includes automatic randomization, so it might say “Thanks” or “Thank you” randomly.
  • [ADDED] New command: “Toggle wipers / Toggle wiper / Wipe toggle”: Toggles windscreen wipers on/off (Default Shift-W)
  • [ADDED] New command: “Trigger wipers / Trigger wiper / Wipe trigger”: Triggers windscreen wipers once (Default Ctrl-Alt-W)
  • [ADDED] Variations in driverBusy calculations, meaning DRE believes you are not “busy” on dirt oval/road racing as long as your throttle is more than 60%. For reference, on tarmac racing the number is 90%. Similar, steering wheel angles are more tolerant in dirt racing.
  • [ADDED] New command: “Fast repair on / Turn on fast repair / Engage fast repair / Enable fast repair”: Sets fast repair option to on, to be used in the next pitstop
  • [ADDED] New command: “Fast repair off / Turn off fast repair / Disengage fast repair / Disable fast repair”: Sets fast repair option to off, so it will not be used
  • [CHANGED] “Fast repair / Toggle fast repair” command: Toggles the fast repair option
  • [CHANGED] DRE now starts up and finds the iRacing data much quicker
  • [FIXED] Fuel was not calculated in Dirt Road (and possibly oval) racing. The range of valid fuel usage has been increased significantly to allow for very thirsty small beetles =)
  • [FIXED] Version mismatch issue introduced in 2.4.1 has been fixed.
  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix DRE from opening the pit window regarding fuel while sitting on the grid
  • [FIXED] Throttle and Brake hangings now return the percentage they hanged with at the moment of triggering the alert.
    Previously DRE told you “what it currently is”, and therefore might not be the same anymore.
  • [FIXED] Sent installer package to Avast Antivirus as it was false-positively detected. They have now whitelisted 2.4.1 so hopes are that the following version continue to be whitelisted. I can assure you that there’s nothing malicious in the installer. You can also always check the DRE installer package download URL on VirusTotal (