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MultiCurver – Wwise curves batch editing tool

In the office we’re spending most of our waken hours in Wwise customizing awesome sound experiences for our customers and users. Devoting time to really dial those volume, hi-pass, lo-pass curves in on sounds helps making a much better soundscape, and quite frankly this is where Wwise really excels compared to eg. Unity audio. We find ourselves in a situation where we have a single RTPC curve on multiple sounds, so the RTPC affects sounds individually. One thing always struck us as plain irritating though – you can’t batch edit rtpc curves at once.

As of Wwise version 2017.1.3 you can use the Multi Editor to batch process a lot of things on multiple sounds, which is quite nice. But it doesn’t allow you to alter the curves. This is kind of understable, as curves will differ from each other. And due to their nature of having several curve points per curve, curves are bound to separate themselves from each other early in the sound design process.

Another way of almost making it is to create a preset of RTPC curves using the top right small icon in the Wwise editor. Here you can load and save presets and then apply this preset to other sounds. It’s nice but if you change the curve on one sound it does not change on other sounds using the same presets.

A third option is to edit the Actor-Hierarchy work unit with a text editor, and replace values manually using a find and replace option.

So with this pain in mind – We’ve made a tool!

MultiCurver is a free tool available today for download for both Windows and Mac users. You can read much more about it following the link. We hope to expand its functionality over time and we’ve already started using (and loving) it internally in the office!

Dragging curve points in MultiCurver


We hope you find the app useful and if you do please go ahead and share the link above. Leave a comment if you have feedback, requests or ideas for MultiCurver.

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