Oticon Opn AR

Oticon is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of hearing aids. They have created a product called Oticon Opn which differs from traditional hearing aids that isolate the listener. Oticon Opn can remove noise around the listener and at same time open up the rest of the world. AWE was asked by the developers from Molamil to showcase the difference between the technologies using 3D audio.

Oticon Opn AR is a mobile based augmented reality application. It showcases the different between the old hearing aids and the new technology used in the Oticon Opn product. The AR presenter is used as the Point Of Listening in a 3D environment with various sound sources spatialized in 3D. It is created using advanced filtering to give the user a realistic listening experience. Furthermore it is possible to shift between the old and the new technology to compare them to each other.

Audio Development and Audio Design

Best Sound in VR/AR/MR at the CopenX awards.

Showcase video:

Audio showcase video: