-  - 1807 SHOWCASE

Fun and exciting storytelling with Spatialized Audio!

Are you a tourist in Copenhagen? Want to explore something different than the usual tour guides?

Experience how the British attacked the capital of Denmark in 1807 during the Bombardement of Copenhagen. The story is driven by dynamic audio, which you can “listen around” in. The 360 degree soundscape transports you to the exact same location as you are, but 200 years ago, where rockets, bombs and grenades flew through the city.

In order to hear it, make your way to The Church Of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke) in Copenhagen. When you get there, the story starts and you are taken back to the year of 1807.

We’ve added a mini-game where you need put out the fuses of the grenades landing around you near the end!

This project was in collaboration with scriptwriter Mikkel Keldorf and the voice of Thomas Howalt.

The app is available in Danish, English and Chinese.

It is also compatible with the Sennheiser Ambeo Head tracker.