Absalon and the City Hall is a location based audio adventure game about Danish democracy.

…The Mayor has contacted you to take care of a major problem. The ghost of Bishop Absalon, previously known as the founder of Copenhagen, makes it difficult for democracy to run smoothly. It’s your job to convince him about the positive sides of democracy, so he can go back inside his golden statue watching over Copenhagen.

The Mayor suggests to convince Absalon through council meetings with the other inhabitants inside the City Hall such as Niels Bohr and H.C. Andersen. The idea is to set up votes for historical subjects about democracy such as whether or not Denmark should have a constitution. Your job is to figure out what the inhabitants are likely to vote for the meeting and pick the right ones at the time of voting to succeed in convincing Absalon.

The project is made with:

Københavns Kommune, Mikkel Keldorf (Script writer) & Meganørd

Copenhagen City Hall

Concept, App Design & Development, Audio Design & UI.