Creator Tool

Creator Tool

 Today places of interest (Museums, cultural heritage sites and so forth) are working hard to keep their visitors informed, entertained and to have a positive user experience. It is a vital part of their goal to educate today’s generation and future generations about the stories of the site.

Through history the mediums of how stories are told has evolved: from the cave paintings to storytellers, radio, films, tv, and now for the era of 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality. Audio tours in themselves have also been developing and keeping up with the latest technology. Today’s visitors have an array of technological solutions available to them and often visitors are expecting something to match. So our vision is to take the generic audio tour to today’s 21st century experience!
By bringing an immersive and non obtrusive solution to your site, the stories you want to be told can truly be brought to life.

Frontend Feature

The Creator Tool’s back-end part serves as a go-to tool for users who want to design soundscapes, geo-localized stories and audio games with focus on audio as the main driver of information and interaction. The back-end makes it possible to drag-n-drop spund objects to geo-positions, customizing the objects as audio sources and editing objects to make progression through multiple objects, thus allowing for gameplay or relaxed sound scape exploring. Experiences made can be publicly available or exclusive for branded apps.

Client Feature

End-users use the Client app, available for iOS and Android, to listen and explore predesigned soundscapes and play the audio augmented reality experiences that have been made with the Creator Tool back-end. Experiences are using audioaugmented reality utilizing headset with location and rotation sensors. This front-end client can be a branded app tailored with your visual identity and tailored experiences. Experiences made can also be available to the public in the general client app hosted by AWE.


Support for advanced 3D audio headset with motion, location and rotation tracking. Utilizing tracking allows for true Audio Augmented Reality while wearing the headset. End-users can listen to digital audio placed around them in the real world, making it sound like it’s coming from the real world. With this technology existing areas can be augmented and transformed into other environments, like historic happenings on the site, theatrical spectacles or parallel-worlds – imagination is the limit.