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AWE Estimote Trial

Requires Unity 5.6.0 or higher.

Compiled against Estimote Android SDK 1.0.3
Compiled against Estimote iOS SDK 4.11.0

Estimote Beacons in Unity for iOS and Android

GetĀ Estimote location beacons and their live telemetry into a Unity project using Bluetooth with this trial of AWE Estimote!

The asset functions as a wrapper for the Estimote SDKs for Android and iOS. Get the following Estimote Beacon data:
– Name of the beacon
– MAC Address
– Proximity UUID
– Major
– Minor
– Distance

Full version of this asset also includes more sensor data: Color of beacon, battery life, accelerometer, air pressure, light level and temperature

Download trial notifications PDF

Download AWE Estimote User Guide PDF

For more information on the Estimote beacons, go to theĀ official Estimote website.

AWE is not affiliated with Estimote in any way, and the asset is non-official. This asset only works with Estimote Location Beacons. May work with Estimote Proximity Beacons but it has not been tested. The asset does not work with other types of iBeacons or Bluetooth beacons.

This product will no longer be updated, nor be compatible with newer Estimote SDK versions. WYSIWYG


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