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Radio Innovation Day 2016

On the 29th September 2016 Radio Innovation Day hosted by the Media Innovation Center (MIZ) in Babelsberg Potsdam, Germany took place.

Radio professionals from all over the globe gathered with the aim of keeping themselves up to date with the latest technology and ideas within the industry as well as networking.

We were lucky enough to be invited to host our workshop ‘Building 3D Audioscapes’. We held two workshops using our software the AWE Creator, which is currently in it’s Beta phase.

Audio augmented reality workshop RID 2016

Photo credit: MIZ

awe creator software


The AWE Creator is a tool which allows users to design 3D soundscapes. The interface makes it easier for users to drag and drop sounds onto a geo-position and customize the sound by using the editing tools associated with that sound.


Here are some images of our participants during the workshop:

building audio augmented reality experiences

Photo credit: MIZ

audio augmented reality

Photo credit: MIZ

awe workshop

Photo credit: MIZ

After the ‘experience’ had been designed it was then exported and found on the ‘client end’, AWE Play  where the user can listen to what they have made. During the workshop participants created a story and mapped out a short scenario and went outside and listen to what they have created, whilst editing on the spot.

users using creator tool

We had such an amazing day, listening to how the participants used the AWE Creator within Radio, Podcasting and the realms of digital storytelling.

If you think you could use the AWE Creator in your industry and you would like to know more, then do not hesitate to drop by our office or drop us a mail.

Image Credit: Miz Babelsberg