We offer a package deal this includes: 1 x Røde NTG8 Shotgun Mic, 1 x Rycote Windshield Kit and 1 x Zoom H6 field recorder for

800,-ex. VAT/day (Price in DKK)

Røde NTG8 Shotgun Mic

The NTG8 is a broadcast quality RF-bias shotgun microphone that exhibits increased directionality across a wide frequency response range. This makes the NTG8 the perfect microphone for film, television, sports and outdoor broadcasting, live performance, and any professional distance miking application.

Rycote Windshield kit

The iconic Windshield Kit from Rycote is the industry standard, and leads the way in windshielding and suspension technology. Flexible, complete windshield and suspension package, which provides varying levels of windshielding for numerous microphone configurations. It fits perfect with the Røde NTG8.

Zoom H6 field recorder

Four interchangeable input capsules – X/Y, MS, Shotgun, and Dual XLR/TRS Combo – make the H6 the ultimate chameleon of the audio world, and its advanced preamps make it the best-sounding one too. Whatever your application – live recording, professional film/video work, live broadcast or electronic news gathering.