Audio Dev

Sound is the key element to bringing your experience to life

We develop our own location based 3D audio systems. Over the years we have gained a huge knowledge base with indoor & outdoor tracking. We are experts in different technologies to recreate the concept of real life audio in mobile apps, VR installations, AR and 360 videos.


Sound has the power to encapsulate the listener

Not only do we provide 360 audio that enhances user experience, we also develop dynamic, interactive audio that responds and act on user choices. Our team consists of passionate sound designers and composers with years of experience in the gaming, XR and music industry.

Label Apps

From idea to finished product

We have created an array of apps from asmr relaxation to localized audio games for tourism and healthcare. We can work with your concept from idea to final product.

& Foley

We believe in high quality recordings

We handcraft our own sounds tailored for your needs or the experience. Our team is highly experienced in foley work and we record using state of the art equipment for recording both on and off set.