We design audio augmented reality solutions


Audio Design

Specialists in location based spatialized & interactive audio. Contact us if you have a potential project or would like to know more .

Consultation & Education

Consultation in concept development, game audio & interactive localized audio.
We also offer guest lectures, private tuition and workshops.

Apps & Plugins

A range of iOS and Android apps which allow you to experience new places. And a range of plugins and assets which you can read more about in our shop.

Branded Apps

Developing custom branded apps with high quality location based 3D audio. Working with both indoor and outdoor navigation. So far working with a range of industries from tourism, art to healthcare and marketing.

About us

Our vision is to reignite the power of listening

We are a Copenhagen based startup, where our focus is on developing new ways of integrating audio into everyday environments. Audio has always followed on second par to visual experiences. Now is the time for 3D audio to be fully explored. We believe that the realms of audio will be a game changer in the way we interact and learn.


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CEO & Co-founder
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CTO & Co-founder
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CCO & Co-founder
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CMO & Co-founder
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Audio Technologist
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