We design audio augmented reality solutions


Audio has always followed on second par to visual experiences. And now is the time for 3D audio to be fully explored. We believe that the realms of audio will be a game changer in the way we learn.


Awe is developing a platform called the AWE-platform, which allows both experienced and novice designers to create immersive audio experiences.


Awe is a Copenhagen based company specializing in location based 3D audio augmented solutions. Awe works hard to provide user friendly solutions to create highly interactive and highly immersion experiences.

About us

Our vision is to reignite the power of listening

AWE is a Copenhagen based startup. Full of life, ideas and passion AWE is focusing on developing new ways of integrating audio in everyday environments.

In AWE, we work with sound for Augmented Reality, where we develop plugins to connect headset working with 3D sound with known developer tools. This means that everyone can quickly and easily get started with creating Augmented Reality experiences in which sound is the driving force.


The awesome team working hard to make your project a reality
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Audio developer
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Audio designer & Community manager
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Digital Strategist
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UX & UI designer
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Audio developer

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