The Digital Race Engineer - Voice Attack plugin for iRacing

The Digital Race Engineer – Voice Attack plugin for iRacing


Advanced command and feedback system for Voice Attack built exclusively for the iRacing Simulator. Use your voice to control iRacing with over 170 commands and listen to the vital performance information The DRE provides you with. Make sure to read the License Agreement below.
Version 2.5

— Updating from before version 2.4? —
It is important to delete “The Digital Race Engineer” folder in Voice Attack Apps IF you are updating DRE from a version prior to 2.4!

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Product Description

The Digital Race Engineer – Voice Attack plugin for iRacing

The Digital Race Engineer (The DRE) – Voice Attack plugin for iRacing, is an advanced command and feedback system for Voice Attack built exclusively for the iRacing Simulator.

The DRE is a system with built-in situation awareness which monitors your racing and surrounding conditions in order to optimize your racing performance. This virtual crew chief gives you important data and information, and listens to you like a real race engineer would. With The DRE you are in full control of driving whether that be in front of your screens or in Virtual Reality.

Full presentation of The Digital Race Engineer


Get started now!

  1. Download DRE ^above^ by pressing the “DOWNLOAD DRE” button.
  2. Follow the Setup PDF to get started: Download The DRE Setup PDF (also included in the Extra folder inside the installation)
  3. After installation is complete refer to the DRE Manual: Download The DRE Manual (also included in the Extra folder inside the installation)
  4. Got questions? See the FAQ
  5. To unlock to the Pro version get your The DRE license here



  • Windows 7 or later with English language
  • .NET 4.5.1 or later
  • Voice Attack Full version (1.6 or later)
  • Microphone
  • iRacing
  • Internet connection



Version 2.5 »

  • [ADDED] “Say” commands added so you can send a common text chat message. Included is “Say thank”, “Say sorry”, “Say pit[ting] in”, “Say pit[ting] out”. All of these message includes automatic randomization, so it might say “Thanks” or “Thank you” randomly.


  • [ADDED] New command: “Toggle wipers / Toggle wiper / Wipe toggle”: Toggles windscreen wipers on/off (Default Shift-W)


  • [ADDED] New command: “Trigger wipers / Trigger wiper / Wipe trigger”: Triggers windscreen wipers once (Default Ctrl-Alt-W)


  • [ADDED] Variations in driverBusy calculations, meaning DRE believes you are not “busy” on dirt oval/road racing as long as your throttle is more than 60%. For reference, on tarmac racing the number is 90%. Similar, steering wheel angles are more tolerant in dirt racing.


  • [ADDED] New command: “Fast repair on / Turn on fast repair / Engage fast repair / Enable fast repair”: Sets fast repair option to on, to be used in the next pitstop


  • [ADDED] New command: “Fast repair off / Turn off fast repair / Disengage fast repair / Disable fast repair”: Sets fast repair option to off, so it will not be used


  • [CHANGED] “Fast repair / Toggle fast repair” command: Toggles the fast repair option


  • [CHANGED] DRE now starts up and finds the iRacing data much quicker


  • [FIXED] Fuel was not calculated in Dirt Road (and possibly oval) racing. The range of valid fuel usage has been increased significantly to allow for very thirsty small beetles =)


  • [FIXED] Version mismatch issue introduced in 2.4.1 has been fixed.


  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix DRE from opening the pit window regarding fuel while sitting on the grid


  • [FIXED] Throttle and Brake hangings now return the percentage they hanged with at the moment of triggering the alert. Previously DRE told you “what it currently is”, and therefore might not be the same anymore.


  • [FIXED] Sent installer package to Avast Antivirus as it was false-positively detected. They have now whitelisted 2.4.1 so hopes are that the following version continue to be whitelisted. I can assure you that there’s nothing malicious in the installer. You can also always check the DRE installer package download URL on VirusTotal (

Version 2.4.1 »

— It is important to delete “The Digital Race Engineer” folder in Voice Attack Apps IF you are updating DRE from a version prior to 2.4! —

Don’t worry – your ini configuration files are safe in your documents 🙂

  • [FIXED] Format of decimals was calculated wrong. Fallback method implemented as well


  • [FIXED] Custom Relative Timing is now better at keeping the best data as possible, when you are improving your best times


  • [FIXED] Installer failed for Steam users of Voice Attack. Issue of not being able to find Voice Attack if installed via Steam. You need to figure out the path yourself

Version 2.4 »

— It is important to delete “The Digital Race Engineer” folder in Voice Attack Apps IF you are updating DRE from a version prior to 2.4! —

Don’t worry – your ini configuration files are safe in your documents 🙂 This update brings a lot of fixes, optimizations and new features to the race track. Read more about them here below.
Installation is now easier with a simple executable installer setup, that places the DRE files automatically. This makes updating even quicker than before.
Internally a lot of refactoring and optimization has taken place. From the refactoring a few critical issues were found where relative timing to
other cars didn’t always compare to the Relative Tab in iRacing. This is now fixed. After this update focus can again shift towards even more new features 🙂

  • [ADDED] New alert! AlertOfftracks – alerts you when your car goes off-track. This is handy so you don’t have to look at the text chat to know.
    It only warns you when you are going faster than 90km/h to avoid slow purposed offtracks. Default Off (0)
  • [ADDED] Clarifications in DRE Manual PDF Introduction, explaining what “gap” means in different session
  • [ADDED] Clarifications in DRE Manual PDF Introduction, explaing the difference between “car behind” and “car behind on track” means.
  • [ADDED] Using the Free version, DRE warns you if you attempt to retrieve a Pro version data. This might clear up a lot of confusion for Free users,
    where Dre would previous report “None” or “0”. Now it reports “This variable is not available in the Free version”.
  • [ADDED] “driverBusyEnable” in DRE.ini, so you can manually turn off this feature. This may be handy if you want DRE voice feedback and alerts immediately
    or if you for some weird reason prefer to drive with hanging pedals and still want to listen to DRE
  • [ADDED] Exposed alertNewPositionPracticeRace in DRE.ini to be able to set if you want position updates during practice and race sessions. Defaults to on
  • [ADDED] Exposed alertNewPositionQual in DRE.ini to be able to set if you want position updates during qualification sessions. Defaults to on
  • [ADDED] Download Archive is now available, in case you feel more comfortable with an older version. It’s located at
  • [ADDED] “Number of drivers connected” which returns the current number of drivers connected in this session
  • [ADDED] “Number of drivers on track” which returns the current number of drivers currently driving (on track, not in pit lane)
  • [CHANGED] Fuel decimals in most commands increased from 1 to 2 or 3 decimals, in order to give you more precise data when it’s needed.
  • [CHANGED] Default area to scan for cars behind you when you are offtrack has changed from 130 to 170m, as internal scan code runs a bit less often and therefore need just a tad more area behind in order to catch the cars approaching. You may change your local value (offTrackDistThreshold) if you want to.
  • [CHANGED] Refactored a lot of code so that less variables are instantiated, meaning there should be even less processing = less CPU and memory usage
  • [CHANGED] “Number of drivers” now also tells you how many are actively driving
  • [CHANGED] Install process is now driven by an executable, which automatically finds the Voice Attack Apps location and points directly to where The Digital Race Engineer should be installed.
      It is important to delete “The Digital Race Engineer” folder in Voice Attack Apps if you are updating DRE from a version prior to 2.4!


  • [FIXED] Set fuel to x, when running in cars using mass as fuel. Earlier it did not actually set the converted value, which it now does
  • [FIXED] Spam galore in VA console stopped when using autoFuel feature and that kicks in, which would stop other logic from running. Now the autoFuel features gets the correct type of data, so DRE can properly tell you stuff
  • [FIXED] Stopped Free Version from repeating license checks
  • [FIXED] On PCs in regions with comma as decimal separator would mean that variables like deltaLastAhead would return 0 and not give a proper decimal time for delta times. This should now be fixed.
  • [FIXED] Low Safety / iRating warnings for other cars next to you should now only trigger once per driver. Previous it would trigger each time this driver was ahead of you again.
  • [FIXED] Proximity Alerts work again after a clumsy maneuver offtrack by the dev
  • [FIXED] Optimized proximity alerts to skip calculating the cars not on track
  • [FIXED] Internal timestamps did not always fetch the current time from epoch. Using session time instead to base calculations from.
  • [FIXED] Pit stop times and pit lane times work again. Call eg. “My total pit time” and “Total pit stop time for the driver in front” to figure out your time spent in pits.
  • [FIXED] Delta times reporting time in tenths like “Gap decreased by 3 tenths” wasn’t working. This is now fixed
  • [FIXED] Attempted to fix alert of needing fuel whilst on the grid before a race. This alert should now not sound when on the grid
  • [FIXED] Rechecking if pit speed limit has been retrieved from iRacing. If not it will continue to retrieve it until successful.
  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix wrong position callouts, that are then corrected next time you cross the S/F. Attempts include:
    – Lap and LapDistancePct are now updated at the same time. Before, this could have caused DRE thinking you we’re set behind almost a lap, OR put forward by a lap if timing was bad
    – Driver Lap count updates constantly now like in pre v2.3
    – Driver ClassPosition is now calculated from TotalLapDistance, where it was Position earlier. Before, this could have caused ClassPosition to be outdated (ClassPosition is what is used for the “alert new position”)
    – Fallback if you’re not using “UseLivePosition” during races. Then it is now using ResultPosition in both official and hosted racing. Data is taken from the Live Session Info which is precise, though slower.
  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix wrong timing, when DRE reports gapToBehind or gapToAhead. Attempts include:
    – Deciding who is the actual driver ahead and behind is now calculated constantly like pre v2.3
    – Details on who’s ahead and behind are no longer stored in a copied driver class. Data is now edited directly on those drivers’ data.
    – Using lap time from captured hotlap to predict the relative times around the track
    Gap to ahead and behind should now be as precise as it can be. Note that on the first outlap + first hotlap the timing will be off as it uses a linear distance to lap time ratio.
    This is equal to the internal iRacing default RelTime. After your first hotlap it will use captured data from your hotlap to structure solid times and gaps based on your time at certain positions around the track. All in all, it means the gaps and relative times should reflect more or less the iRacing Relative Tab now.
    As a side effect, Proximity alerts of cars coming from behind should also be more stable and precise.
  • [FIXED] Faulty times (gaps, relatives) were reported around the S/F line for other cars. This meant that when the “alert new lap” was triggered it used exactly that faulty timing data. The faulty times have been corrected.
  • [FIXED] Voice Attack error stating “UNABLE TO INVOKE PLUGIN DUE TO EXCEPTION: The best overloaded method match for ‘VoiceAttack.VoiceAttackInitProxyClass.SetInt(string, int?)’ has some invalid arguments”. Error reproduced and fixed 🙂

Version 2.3 »

The v2.3 update mainly fixes bugs after the big 2.2 update. Download the 2.3 version, but refer to the v2.2 changelog for features!


  • [ADDED] Nissan GTP is now considered a car that uses mass instead of volume for fuel


  • [CHANGED] DRE only asks about 10% of the times if you want to run through the pre-race checklist. Previously this was asked every time before a race.


  • [FIXED] Bug caused in 2.2 where almost all data about fuel and other drivers in the session wasn’t present in race sessions. This is now fixed


  • [FIXED] Small issue fixed where Offline Practice could be displayed in VA console despite it being online practice.


  • [FIXED] Initialization could yield empty strings of the current weather. There is now a wait insert until some data has been provided, before DRE will announce weather


  • [FIXED] Going from and to other sessions, caused DRE not to reset its data. This is now fixed for sessions online -> online, online -> offline, offline -> online and offline -> offline

Version 2.2 »

In the 2.2 update you’ll find performance optimizations galore! Let me know how it works for you if you previously had performance and/or timing issues! The update also includes new pretty nice alerts and features.


  • [ADDED] New alert feature! alertCarLeftRight. Alerts you when cars are on your side. Advantage to using the DRE spotter is that it gives you either eg. left rear, left or left front – so more precise reports than the iRacing standard spotter that just gives you left / right. Alert defaults to be enabled, but you can disable it in DRE.ini like all other alerts. Give it a go.


  • [ADDED] Due to iRacing now exposes if any cars are on your side DRE considers you busy on road courses and will try not to disturb you until you’re clear of cars on your side. Due to the nature of oval racing, cars on your side is not factored in to if you are deemed busy with things.


  • [ADDED] Set Fuel To X now accepts values including one decimal. This command is already at +14k dynamic commands (variations you can call it), so I won’t push the envelope more to get a 2nd decimal this time around. Simply call it by saying “Set fuel to 133.7” or so 😉


  • [ADDED] “DRE Help/Status/Debug” command to call whenever in doubt whether DRE and iRacing has been initialized and connected. Before posting or emailing for help, try this command first.


  • [ADDED] “Generate Drivers List” command, to output list of driver data. Mainly for debugging purposes for those who have issues with DRE. This command will generate a Drivers.csv file in your documents folder /The Digital Race Engineer. If asked by the developers of DRE, please forward this file


  • [ADDED] Command “Reload car textures”. Defaults to keybind Ctrl-R


  • [ADDED] Option to change the internal update rate of DRE is now in the DRE.ini called “telemetryUpdateFrequency” – after you’ve started DRE 2.2 the first time of course. It’s 10Hz by default, so you may play around with it. I found it stable at 10Hz, with just a little imprecision in timing. This value has been 10Hz since the start of DRE version 1.0, so the actual value hasn’t changed


  • [ADDED] Automatically using mass rather than volume on fuel units when in the cars that use that. This goes for all commands and alerts that has fuel included as info. For now cars using mass rather than volume is the HPD, the old and the new F1. So if you for example ask for fuel left in the F1 car, you will get it back in kilos or pounds depending on your unit system set in iRacing. Prior to this you would just get liters or gallons.


  • [ADDED] “Reply / Start Reply / Reply Back” command, which replies back to a driver who texted you. This command is similar to “Start chat” so it dictates and prepares a chat.


  • [CHANGED] Structured not so critical information logic in a way that runs less often. This should have an impact on performance without losing the vital info when you need it.


  • [CHANGED] Tightened criteria for warning about pedals hanging, so false-positives should be more rare.


  • [CHANGED] Removed too far fetched terms for faster cars approaching from behind 😉


  • [CHANGED] Warnings about relatively lower safety or iRating of other drivers. The difference now needs to be bigger than before, in order to warn about it.


  • [FIXED] Voice feedback from “Get out” and “Drive” commands no longer interrupts other voice feedback.


  • [FIXED] Fixing bugs and issues of missing data, mostly backend stuff


  • [FIXED] Attempting to stop warnings from “alertOtherDriversTimeLossThreshold” during FCY


  • [FIXED] Attempting to stop alert of being in position 0 coming out of FCY


  • [FIXED] Attempting to not calculate average fuel during FCY but keep the data from before FCY.


  • [FIXED] Increased number of divisions of the timing sectors around the track. At a track of 4000m, there’s now approximately 267 sectors compared to 160 before the change. This should make timing more precise for gaps, intervals, deltas etc..


  • [FIXED] Command “Set fuel target like last lap” reported gallons wrong. It’s now corrected


  • [FIXED] Overriding laps and training stints in practice using practiceLapsLengthOverride in DRE.ini wasn’t calculating laps left correctly. This should now be fixed.


  • [REMOVED] “Add fuel” command as it often was imprecise when trying to freely interpret your values spoken. Rather use “Set fuel to X” command which compares your inputs to value look-up tables.

Version 2.1 »

This update add target fuel comparisons as the main feature. Set a target to hit, and DRE will tell you how it goes after each lap. Furthermore there’s a lot of fixes internally in the code which should bring you a even better and more stable experience

  • [ADDED] GTE Ferrari and Ford GT as one class


  • [ADDED] Target fuel comparisons each time you cross the S/F line. Set the target fuel amount either by voice or in the DRE.ini configuration file. Target fuel comparisons are quite handy when you need to drive to a number each lap in order to reach a defined goal. Since you can update the target fuel amount by voice, you can of course alter this during runs, in case track rubbers in, weather changes etc..


  • [ADDED] “target fuel” command to get the current target fuel comparison between the user-defined target and your usage on last lap


  • [ADDED] “Wing up” and “Wing down” commands, as well as keyRearWingUp & keyRearWingDown keybinds added to Keybinds.ini. Now you can increase and decrease your wing setting for the cars allowing this.


  • [ADDED] “Set target fuel to last lap fuel usage” command to quickly define what your target fuel burn is per lap. This command takes the fuel usage of the previous lap and sets this. Note, this command will set the target fuel unit to only either liters or gallons.


  • [ADDED] More In-Car keybinds at your disposal! Configure these yourself in Keybinds.ini after restarting Voice Attack and the DRE profile after updating.
    • keyPeakBrakeBiasInc
    • keyPeakBrakeBiasDec
    • keyFARBInc
    • keyFARBDec
    • keyRARBInc
    • keyLeftWeightJackerInc
    • keyLeftWeightJackerDec
    • keyRightWeightJackerInc
    • keyRightWeightJackerDec
    • keyDiffPreloadInc
    • keyDiffPreloadDec
    • keyDiffEntryInc
    • keyDiffEntryDec
    • keyDiffMiddleInc
    • keyDiffMiddleDec
    • keyDiffExitInc
    • keyDiffExitDec
    • keyEngineBrakingInc
    • keyEngineBrakingDec


  • [CHANGED] “Up by”, “Minus” etc. are now replaced by more meaningful sentences when you hear your delta times to competitors.


  • [CHANGED] “target fuel” command has been renamed to “target fuel to finish” for transparency


  • [FIXED] Bug causing alertOtherDriversTimeLoss to call out only class drivers behind you


  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix if initial values like pit box distance pct and track length isn’t fetched.


  • [FIXED] alert race synopsis & alert fuel window, where fuel unit was forced to litres.


  • [FIXED] alert speeding pits could sometimes not retrieve the pit speed limit from iRacing live data, which means that DRE thought the limit was 0 Kmh. Should work now

Version 2.0 »

  • [ADDED] New feature! Added “driverNameOverride” to DRE.ini, where you can override the driver name you have in iRacing. This is handy for names that are difficult for speech synthesis to pronounce. You are of course free to have fun with it and name yourself Racy McRaceFace or whatever you choose 😉


  • [ADDED] New feature! Added checklist for pre-race check. The checklist can be started by saying “Run/Do checklist” or variations of that. Call this command to go through the checklist points, which you can define in “checklistPoints” in DRE.ini. After DRE has read out a checklist point, you can answer by saying eg. yes / roger / check / yeah / yes sir / yes ma’am to confirm, or saying no / not yet / skip to skip this part and continue the checklist, or you may cancel the checklist runthrough by saying cancel / abort.


  • [ADDED] “checklistPoints” added in DRE.ini. Add or remove points for the pre-race checklist. Separate the points with commas. Used in conjunction with “Do Checklist” command


  • [ADDED] New feature! “alertWarnForLowRating”. Warns you when a driver right behind or in front of you has a relatively low iRating or Safety Rating to yours. Will only be triggered after 5kms into your practice/race to not clutter up the beginning of the session. The warning will only appear once per driver per session. Default On (1). The calculation is as follows and will trigger if difference is larger: If the iRating difference between you and the driver alone is more than “myiRating * 0.5 – 500” (so that’s -1500iR when your iRating is 4000). If the Safety Rating difference between you and the driver alone is more than “mySafetyRating * 0.5 – 0.5” (so that’s -1.5SR when your SR is 4.0). Or if a combination of diffs of SR and iR multiplicated is more than 500.


  • [ADDED] New feature! “alertOtherDriverTimeLoss” added in DRE.ini. Warns about time loss for any other driver in front of you, or maximum 5 places behind you. Gets called when the drivers cross the S/F line and is comparing previous laptimes for this driver. Tweak the alertOtherDriversTimeLossThreshold. Default On (1)


  • [ADDED] “alertOtherDriversTimeLossThreshold” added in DRE.ini. Threshold in seconds for warnings about time loss for any other driver in front of you, or maximum 5 places behind you. Gets called when the drivers cross the S/F line and is comparing previous laptimes for this driver. Requires alertOtherDriversTimeLoss to be enabled. Default 5 seconds above the median time for the last 5 laps of this driver


  • [ADDED] Shift Sound Volume parameter in DRE.ini. You can now define the volume level of the shift sounds by changing this. Is set to a default of 30%


  • [ADDED] Shift Sound are now triggered in native code, so they play immediately. This removes the uncool delay that was present before. So shift alert sounds should now be audible right when you hit your RPM limits both with the iRacing Default RPM threshold and the custom ones you can define in DRE.ini.



  • [CLARIFICATION] The race synopsis after checkered flag will retrieve your starting position in a few different ways. Either it gets the position from a qualification position. If that’s not available, it tries to get your position when you are just about 0 – 3% into the first lap of the race. This is due to making sure all cars are on track that needs to be, and that we have trustworthy data. This may be why you sometimes experience that the starting position seems off, but probably isn’t just after the start. If you experience data still very off, please let me know 🙂


  • [CHANGED] Bugs caught in code while running are now sent automatically to database for bugfixing. You no longer have to send them manually if seen in console


  • [CHANGED] Free version no longer attempts to call out current weather when initializing, which is only available in the Pro version.


  • [CHANGED] Adjusted driverBusy variable rules. DRE now regards you as busy when you apply less than 92% throttle or turning more than 9 degrees. Previously it was 95% throttle and 15 degrees. However, if there’s a caution or your car is going less than 50kmph it won’t regard you as busy.


  • [FIXED] DRE reported Zero laps left in tank when starting a new lap. It should now avoid reporting when there’s no fuel data yet to calculate it from.


  • [FIXED] Issues with removing or adding drivers to a list, while it was being iterated over. This would cause an error for some users.


  • [FIXED] Various smaller issues relating to values not present (null) at the moment of querying it.


  • [FIXED] Changed Track Temp variable from live telemetry variable TrackTemp to TrackTempCrew, to get the averaged temperature around the track, so it’s reflecting what you see in UI.


  • [FIXED] Increased amount of laps before DRE may call the fuel window for open. Increased to at least 2 completed laps. This make the fuel fill value more predictable and thus should be more precise for the fuel windows as well, especially for long tracks.


  • [FIXED] Attempting to keep iRacing from changing your driver’s carId while either in team racing or during races where you take repairs and watch others on replay.


  • [FIXED] Storing end-of-race data in separated variables, so they aren’t changed until the alert race synopsis is triggered


  • [FIXED] Attempting to fix alert fuel windows messages appearing towards the end in races defined by laps, if your fuel is getting quite low (yolo low). Rounding error might have caused DRE to believe there was needed an additional lap.



  • [REMOVED] “alert gear shift” command in the DRE profile as this alert is now triggered from code instead, making it sound more quickly

Version 1.9 »

  • Added: Force pit limiter, Force Gear Up, Force Gear Down commands, which includes new keybinds in the Keybinds.ini files in the “Car Control section”. These commands are handy when you can’t access your hardware button for various reasons. You may leave these as is and don’t use them if your buttons work fine. Setting these won’t stop you from using your hardware buttons still.


  • Added: Updated the way alertProximityOnTrack is calculated. Now it factors in the track length, so that on longer tracks, cars will still be announced in proximity at about the same distance behind as on shorter tracks. Default 0.35 factor with a car doing 5 seconds quicker lap times than you on a track of 4000 meters = within 2.25 seconds behind your car. With the same times except a longer track of 10000m, this will register the car when it’s 1 second behind you. Faster cars will register at least 1 second behind you always. Furthermore, only cars behind going about 50Km/h will be factored in.


  • Changed: Since timing works better now, a time limit for having proximity alerts behind on track for max 30 seconds, has been removed.


  • Changed: Altered the release of having proximity alerts for faster cars behind you. Now they need to be further 2 second behind to where they were first detected in order for DRE to “clear” them. Until now this caused cars to jump in and out of being in proximity


  • Changed: Attempting to fix stuttering issues when cautions are thrown in races. Suspecion is that proximity alerts were going bonkers as cars were bunching up causing the code to not being able to handle all cars in such a close proximity. For now, the proximity alerts are not running while Caution and CautionWaving flags are out. Similarly, alertNewLeader, alertNewClassLeader, alertNewPosition and alertNewLap will be ignored and not run during cautions for the same reasons. Let me know if issues are still present during cautions, and please provide info on when exactly the stutter starts, how many cars you have on track, and if anything is displayed in the VA console. Big thanks!


  • Changed: Attempting to fix stuttering and high CPU, by releasing queued up messages, when you don’t need them. For example, position changes while you are going slowly on track is not important. This also either releases or announces the stuff right away during cautions.


  • Changed: proximityAlertOnTrack no more checks for additional cars behind a car that is in your proximity. This means that if there are 2 faster cars behind you, it will initially only report the closest of those two. But shortly after it should report both cars. This was changed to make the reports more stable, and the old way couldn’t handle more than 2 cars behind anyway.


  • Changed: Attempting to fix high CPU, by removing unnecessary calls to code from VA, when the code was actually already providing the data needed.

Version 1.8 »

Update with new features, including change of configuration files placement, commands to open various directories for easier access etc.. Also included is better possibilities to debug eventual issues and bugs.

  • Moved folder location of DRE.ini and Keybinds.ini files. They will now be in your Documents folder/The Digital Race Engineer. This is the new folder from where DRE will parse your settings, so only change settings from the files in the documents folder from now on. If you have ini files in your Extra folder, you are welcome to move these out of Extra and overwrite those generated in Documents/The Digital Race Engineer. If you do not see any DRE folder in Documents, you probably need to run Voice Attack and DRE first.


  • Added: Warning when not running Voice Attack as an administrator plus small guide on how to enable this


  • Added more variation to “Alert New Position” calls


  • Added: In Team Racing, driver name, custom id and safety rating now updates shortly after a driver swap took place. If another driver is in your car when entering the session, it will still announce that driver as you. This is a limitation in iRacing unfortunately, so you’ll have to live with the short term schizophrenia 🙂


  • Added: More error reportings. If something screws up in code, it might not crash VA anymore.


  • Added: “Quick weather / How’s the weather in brief” for a short weather status containing skies, air and track temp only


  • Added: “Open DRE configuration folder” command to open an explorer window with the content of the MyDocuments/The Digital Race Engineer folder


  • Added: “Open DRE installation folder” command to open an explorer window with the content of the The Digital Race Engineer installation folder under the Voice Attack Apps folder



  • Fixed “Alert New Lap” so it will tell you something if it was triggered by the random select between 0 – 100% chance.


  • Fixed: Oil Temperature and Water Temperature commands on Imperial units would add up, they now should yield the correct temp in Fahrenheit


  • Fixed issues with Proximity alerts when faster cars are behind you.


  • Fixed: Fuel Mix Down command had wrong key bind variable.


  • Fixed: Attempted to stop leader change being announced when seeking in replays.

Version 1.7 »

Big update with lots of new features, including Set-n-Forget configuration files, so you don’t need to re-set settings on every DRE update. The update also includes new timing calculations and new alerts

  • Added: New alert! “alertFuelWindow”: Warns you when you are in the pit window before the last pit stop in races. Alerts you when you have space in the fuel tank for the final required fuel (1L of inertia).


  • Added: New Feature! “practiceLapsLengthOverride” in DRE.ini. Simulate race conditions by laps in practice sessions. Customize a certain laps length for practice session, which will start every time you reset the car. Default 0 laps (disabled)


  • Added: New Feature! “practiceTimeLengthOverride” in DRE.ini. Simulate race conditions by time in practice session. Customize a certain time duration for practice session, which will start every time you reset the car. Default 0 seconds (disabled)”


  • Added: “Start delta timing ahead on track” command. Starts reporting the lap time delta to the car ahead on track, each time you cross the S/F line. You can start delta timing for car ahead and behind on track, as well as the car ahead and behind for position at the same time, if you like. ‘alertNewLap’ has to be enabled for this delta timing to sound.


  • Added: New alert! “alertIncidentsHigh” will warn you when you reach the incident threshold limit for this session. It won’t sound when there is no defined limit. Customize the threshold in ‘alertIncidentThreshold’. Now, I haven’t tried this for obvious reasons, so report if it doesn’t work please 😀


  • Added: “alertIncidentThreshold” in DRE.ini. Subtracts this threshold value from the inc limit in this session. Defines at what number of incidents below the incident level that the “alertIncidentsHigh” alert will warn. Eg. with an incident limit of 17 (official race), with the alertIncidentThreshold set to 2, you will be warned of high incs when you reach 15 incs. Default 2 incs below limit


  • Added: To get gear shift alerts working when Voice Attack is installed in another folder than “Program Files (x86)”, you need to point to the correct sound folder.
    Manual has been updated with quick guide how to, if you use gear shift alerts


  • Added: Extended alert gear shifts with an 8th gear


  • Added: Saying “Tear off” will give you a clean visor now or clear the windscreen at the next pit stop, automatically depending on if you are in an open-wheeler or not. For the “Tear off” command, several new combinations have been added like “Clear screen”, “Wipe window” etc..


  • Added: Running lap defined races did not result in session laps left with decimals. It should do this now.


  • Added: Delta times over the last 5 laps to the cars around you: “Delta last five laps behind (on track)” returns the time difference summed up over the last 5 laps for you and the car next to you either for position or on track. Eg. If your deltas to the car in front on track were: L1: +1s, L2: +1s, L3: -2s, L4: -1s, L5: -1s you would hear the delta over the last five laps to be -2 seconds, meaning you drove 2 seconds faster over the last 5 laps


  • Added: Delta 5 laps of the car ahead and behind notifications to the “Alert New Lap”


  • Added: “Laps on this tire set” which returns the number of laps completed since your last tire change. This value keeps increasing across fuel only pit stops, until you actually do a tire change. Pro version only


  • Added: “Total drivers so far in the car ahead” which returns the number of drivers that has driven this car in this session until now. This is handy for team endurance sessions, to better know how much they’re struggling. Let’s say a 24H, and after 9 hours the car only had two drivers so far. Their drivers might be fatigued 😉


  • Added: “Laps since last driver swap ahead” which gives the number of laps since this car last did their driver swap. This is good to know if a driver has done many laps and might be fatigued


  • Added: “Pit stops difference ahead” which returns the difference in number of pit stops comparing your car and the one ahead. If this returns +1, it means the opponent has done one more stop than you.


  • Added: “Target fuel burn per lap” which returns the fuel burn per lap that you need to achieve in order to finish the race on this tank of fuel. This number will be considerably low in case you need to do pit stops. The fuel burn will also sometimes be presented as difference to your last lap usage, so you’ll know how much you need to save before achieving this. Value gets updated after each lap.


  • Added: “Stop delta timing”: Stops reporting all lap time deltas. Will automatically be called when you change session (reset).


  • Added: “Gas” and “Petrol” to all fuel info commands (not pit stop commands)


  • Added: “Incident limit” which returns the incident limit for this session. Probably only returns non-zero in race sessions, Returns 0 if there is no limit


  • Added: “isOnPitRoad” boolean variable which returns if you are within pit lane cones



  • Removed: “Activate Alerts” and “Update Variables” commands, as the content of these now exist in the DRE.ini file instead


  • Changed: HMD recenter default key bind set to “;” now as before


  • Changed: “Alert pit speed limiter”, will now queue up its warning when you are on track. This is vital for when entering pits and applying limiter just before pit lane start, which will now sound after eventual other warnings at that time


  • Changed: Increase confident level of “Stop engine” to 75 (60ish before), so it doesn’t get triggered as easily. DRE already tells you if the engine has been switched off manually.


  • Changed: Only “Full service” and “Tear off” now gives you an tear off in pits. The other pit commands like “Change pressure up …” and “Tires only”don’t give the tear off anymore



  • Fixed: Some time reports would say back “point four hundred and seven” instead “point four zero seven”. Fixed now.


  • Fixed: Error reported position 0 at the start of the race. This was due to iRacing not always being quick enough updating the starting position and is now fixed


  • Fixed: Some times exiting pits with one car out on track passing by could respond in giving proximity alert to say “You have 0 at exit… Clear”. This is fixed now


  • Fixed: Using pit count down alerts, you never got the “Pit now” as the final. This is fixed now


  • Fixed: Gear shift alerts when using iRacing default both repeated itself and was slow at picking up. This is now fixed


  • Fixed: Gear shift alerts when using custom RPM thresholds, where it would not actually trigger the alerts sounds in code. This is now fixed.


  • Fixed: “No fuel” would sometimes leave “#fuel clear” in the chat instead of sending it in. Sped up the process for this, so it shouldn’t hang anymore, but be aware this macro needs to be typed into iRacing chat by DRE, as it’s not available in the code.

Version 1.6.1 »

  • Added: “Enable/Disable Space Warp” command for Oculus Rift users to disable Asyncronous Space Warp


  • Fixed: CPU hog when not using any license key. This made VA run with about 25% CPU from the beginning. Now it should be back down to 1-5% constantly. This fix also helps those with a PRO version as it doesn’t run unnecessary loops.

Version 1.6 »

The DRE now requires Voice Attack version 1.6 or higher (Not to be confused with DRE version 1.6). Please download Voice Attack from

IMPORTANT: When updating DRE, please remove the current profile from Voice Attack, remove all DRE related files in the Apps folder of Voice Attack (usually at C:Program Files (x86)Voice AttackApps), before installing DRE again. Please do not follow the “Update from previous The DRE Voice Attack Profile”, but follow the installation setup.

Reduced calls and rearrangements between profile and plugin has improved CPU usage quite a lot, which is good news, so Voice Attack and DRE are not stressing your system as much anymore. Another bonus is that alerts and in general everything should run quicker and more stable. These changes are why you need to install DRE from fresh, as old alerts will fail to work in Voice Attack version 1.6.

Memory leak should now be fixed after several weeks of investigation. On my end memory usage in Task Manager starts off at about 110mb and will rise to about 140mb over 60 minutes of usage. If you see considerally larger memory usage per hour than this please contact me on

All DRE related files have been moved into Apps/The Digital Race Engineer/Extra. Here you will find documentation, latest VA profile etc.

  • Added: Checking if the Voice Attack version needs to be updated and informs you


  • Added: “Say again please”/”Repeat please” command. Call this to repeat the last spoken sentence by TTS. This is useful for when you didn’t hear the last thing DRE said, and can request it to be repeated.


  • Added: myNameSelectFirst Tell DRE which part of your first name you want to be expressed. 0 takes all forenames, 1 uses the first part of your first name, and 2 uses the latter part of your first name. For instance if your name is John Bon Doe, with 0 your first name is “John Bon”, with 1 “John” and with 2 it’s “Bon”. If your name is just John Doe, it doesn’t matter what this value is and you can just leave it at 0.


  • Added: “useLivePosition” bool in “Update variables” command determines whether or not in races to update position and class position live as soon as you swap a position. Turned off it gives the default iRacing position updates at each S/F line


  • Added: With VA open, DRE data is kept until you change to another session. This way you keep important data when you restart the same iRacing session for various needs


  • Added: You can now set “waterTemperatureLimitCelcius” in Update Variables to 0 in order to use the default iRacing water temperature warning. Otherwise it uses a degree celcius for triggering the warning. Default 130C / 266F


  • Changed: alertGearShift. In “Update Variables” command, set to either 0 (off, no alerts), 1 (customized rev limits) or 2 (iRacing default rev limits)


  • Changed: In the DRE profile, “Activate Alerts” and “Update variables” commands have been moved to “Profile” category.


  • Fixed: Voice Attack no longer hangs upon exit


  • Fixed: Proximity alerts of quicker cars behind you now sound all around the track. Before they would only sound when crossing the S/F line.


  • Fixed: Cleaned some big commands with many variations to improve memory usage


  • Fixed: autoFuel – confirmed working in races now as well. To prevent last laps bugs where it would otherwise add fuel that’s not needed: Will not set fuel automatically when there’s less than 3 laps to go in the race


  • Fixed: In races with useLivePosition on, in case a driver gets a tow, the driver isn’t moved ahead in the positions. The driver will keep the ghost position back on track where the tow was requested. Once the driver leaves pit stall, the driver will again update in live positions.


  • Fixed: Set fuel to gallons did not speak the correct amount.


  • Removed: alertGearAutoRevLimit bool

Version 1.5 »

  • Workaround for iRacing bug, which means that you will only get info and data of cars actually on the track currently. This includes your own car, so you need to get in the car to properly initialize. Next iRacing patch will solve this.


  • Added: Units are now defaulted to Metric until the actual unit is received from iRacing. This way DRE will always report in some unit in case DRE couldn’t get the actual unit.
    Additionally “Initialization Done” line in Voice Attack console now appends your full name, iRating and SR. If you’re able to see this you should have proper initialized.
    But if this is the case it’s likely that the initialization did not succeed.
    If you don’t see your name, iRating and SR in the “Initialization Done …” line in console, try saying “Initialize The DRE” to force it and see what the line returns.


  • Added: Live positions during races, which gives you the real time positions instantly when cars swap positions on track, rather than before where it would trigger at the S/F line.
    Added a small delay of 10 seconds before DRE announces the change to make sure it sticks.
    In the next DRE version it will be possible to disable live positions and just use result positions instead.


  • Added: Position changes won’t be announced in practice or qual sessions if you haven’t set a time yet


  • Added: If there’s only one class in the session, it will just tell you the position, and not the class position


  • Added: “Add gas” is the equivalent of “Add fuel”. Bear in mind this command still does not support Lbs or Kg, so use the “Set fuel to …” command for this.


  • Added: Fuel calculations for filling up the car now takes into account if the fuel cell tank has been limited by server in any way


  • Added (PRO only): “My/car ahead/track ahead pit stops” Returns how many stops you or cars around have done so far in this session


  • Added (PRO only): “My/car ahead/track ahead pit stop time last” Returns how long the last stop in pit stall took


  • Added (PRO only): “My/car ahead/track ahead last pit lane time” Returns how long the last drive through pit lane took, including the pit stall stop


  • Added (PRO only): “My/car ahead/track ahead total pit stop time” Returns accumulated how long you or cars around have been stationary in pit stall in this session


  • Added: “My incidents” Real incident count for you


  • Added: “Number if incidents of the car ahead” Estimated incident count based only on offtracks for other cars.



  • Changed: OnTrackDistFactor is now defaulted from 0.25 to 0.35, which means that faster cars behind well be monitored up to 1.55 sec behind your car, IF the car is 3 seconds quicker than you. If the time delta is less it will still not give you a warning, as usual.


  • Changed: When getting updates after crossing S/F line and it gives last lap time, you’ll now just hear the time down to one tenth of a second rather than down to one thousandth.



  • Fixed: Alerting position changes no longer comes when the position is the same before and after entering garage


  • Fixed: Issue where it wouldn’t register hosted sessions


  • Fixed: Team hosted racing wouldn’t load and populate data. It now does and number of classes are not correct in hosted true multiclass sessions despite it officially have all cars in one class in total (might be shaky due to iRacing bug)


  • Fixed: Optimized code so it shouldn’t memory leak over long time anymore, otherwise causing it to crash after a while. It might still rise to about 120 – 180 mb (on my system at least) but then stabilize.


  • Fixed: Position alerts will now come with a delay of about 10 seconds, to make sure live position changes stick


  • Fixed: “Pit speed limit” again reports the speed limit

Version 1.4 »

  • Big improvements in stability of responds and alerts overall. Thanks to Marton Teilgård and Jakob Søndergaard, we tracked the bug and fixed it. If you have experienced any Voice Attack crashes or inconsistent responds using DRE, this fix might help!


  • Added: Pit stall count down! If you don’t want it, turn the pit stall count down off in General Data -> “activate alerts” -> Set Boolean “alertPitCountDown” to false. DRE will announce when coming into pits how many seconds to your box from the pit speed limit speed. It will also give you notifications while driving in pit lane and announce at about 250 meters, 100 meters, 60 meters and 30 meters, but will give it in time instead of distance because distance in itself is arbitrary.


  • Added: Warnings of pedals hanging will only trigger once per drive, out of the garage


  • Added: Suspend and Resume Listening commands in Misc category. Use this command if you speak on Teamspeak, Discord or iRacing voice chat, and don’t want DRE to listen while you are talking to someone else. Assign a keybind to these commands (needs to be the same for both), and use the keybind which you press to speak in either of the VOIP apps.


  • Added: “Toggle mirror” to toggle the virtual mirror on/off. Default key bind is Alt+M.


  • Added: Added extra check to proximity alerts, so any driver having been registered as in close proximity for more than 30 seconds, gets removed from the proximity list. It’s unusual that any proximity alert will last for more than 30 seconds, so this adds as a cleaner in case a driver for some reason hangs in the proximity list.


  • Added: Checking if there’s a difference between plugin and DRE profile versions now. You’ll hear it straight away when loading the profile in VA.


  • Added: “TC on” to turn traction control on for those cars that leave TC off for ever and ever.


  • Added: “allowMultiCarTypeSessionsInOneCarTypePerClass” which when turned on will group together class cars in one class, when the hosted session is set to “1 car type per class”. Eg. GT3 cars will be grouped together in DRE despite them being in separate classes in iRacing.


  • Added: Variety in responds for driver ahead and behind for position.



  • Changed: Time left now also gives the seconds remaining when up to 10 minutes left, so it’ll say “9 minutes 59 seconds left”. Can be vital in qualy sessions etc..


  • Changed: TC off in some cars won’t turn itself back on again, so saying “TC off” will now not claim after 5 seconds that TC is back on, in those cars. Let me know if you know of any other cars where TC is turned off by a switch (not toggle). I know of Merc AMG GT3 and Ford GT GT3 to have a TC switch.



  • Fixed: No longer announces a “None” lap time as quickest


  • Fixed: No longer speaks the lap time twice after starting a new lap, when your last lap was a new personal best


  • Fixed: When heading out of pits, it would sometimes say “is out on track” without any name in front. Now either “1” or the last name of the driver on track is mentioned.

Version 1.3 »

  • Added: version check of future released versions, giving you a heads up when starting the DRE profile when there’s a new version ready


  • Added: Able to distinguish if a hosted session is in reality a multiclass session despite it being a “1 class per car type: off” session. If you run different cars, but some of them are in the same class (like GT1 cars), these are grouped together, which the class positions will reflect, even though iRacing timing groups all as one class. This is useful for series like NEO Endurance Series which run a combination of single- and multi-make classes.


  • Added: allowMultiCarTypeSessions in “Update variables” command. Set this to false when running in a “1 class per car type: off” hosted session in which there are special groupings or classes between cars that don’t usually group together. This could for example be when considering a MX5 with full fuel and a Ford Mustang with limited fuel to be balanced. Otherwise leave this bool to true.


  • Added: Alert so you can listen to when DRE engages the auto Fuel, as it will say eg.: “Auto fuel engaged: Filling X liters” (only engages if autoFuel is set to true).



  • Changed so that if DRE is already talking, the warning about pit speed limiter will not be queued up.



  • Fixed VA hanging when closing VA without having iRacing opened. Now the task is properly closed, so you don’t need to close the task in task manager anymore


  • Fixed: Error reporting ghost cars coming out of the pits. Everytime you get away from pit exit area the array of past drivers exiting pits will be cleared


  • Fixed error in GapToBehind not checking when car behind is 1 lap behind or more


  • Fixed error in GapToAhead not being able to check when you are one lap down in the results but less than 50% behind on track to the next car


  • Fixed lone practice so that it doesn’t check for position changes or new leader while it’s only you in the session


  • Fixed: Won’t give info on average iRating and number of drivers when loading DRE if it’s only you in the session (lone practice or start of a new public session)


  • Fixed so that it won’t give you engine warnings if you kill the engine manually


  • Fixed mistake in time certain races, where it wouldn’t calculate the extra potential last lap if crossing the line just before 0:00 left, or if you aren’t the overall leader. This means that you should almost always have fuel calculated for one extra lap. NB! Always take your own precautions with fuel calculations. Always double check, despite how clever DRE think it is 😉


  • Fixed rare errors where it would register a lap completed after heading out of the pits and thereby set last lap’s fuel to a huge amount. This would invalidate the fuel calculations. Fixed by making sure no lap completed have used more than 0.8L / Km (hard set for now). Eg. on a 5km track, it check if the fuel used is more than 4L and will then skip this lap for the fuel calculations.


  • Fixed Auto Fuel feature which didn’t trigger. Also changed so it may now trigger with 7 laps to go in the fuel tank or less.


  • Fixed Fuel Rate command, so it now can give info after first flying lap

Version 1.2 »

  • It is important that you overwrite all commands with the commands in this DRE profile. If you have any customizations to commands make sure to change the call name of these before importing the new ones. This way you can copy paste your custom logic over to the imported command and delete the old renamed. 



  • If you experience TTS voices on top of each other (don’t mistake this from voices being cut short) make sure you check “Single TTS Instance” in Voice Attack options under “System / Advanced”



  • Added “Reset Variables” which automatically resets vital variables within the DRE profile when changing session


  • Optimized code in proximity alerts


  • Fixed “Average lap fuel in kilos” command was limited to fewer ways of saying this.


  • Fixed “Alert Weather”, so alerts no longer appear when levels are at 0.


  • Fixed “Alert new class leader” so alerts can be executed even if you are in the overall leading class.


  • Fixed “Alert New Lap” pulling old data, which would sometimes result in old lap times being read out loud.


  • Fixed “Alert new lap” where it would tell you the gap to the car ahead, when you are the leader.


  • Fixed alerts of the car ahead or behind you pitting. It’s now much quicker at responding and should provide the correct car.


  • Fixed “Alert fuel” which would sometimes announce that you have 0 laps left in fuel tank, despite having several.


  • Fixed typo in float in “Fuel Fill”, that would not tell you the amount in kilos or pounds


  • Fixed race synopsis / race rundown at the end of the race, so DRE announces it after the checkered flag. Previously this was being shown when white flag came out (in iRacing live telemetry this is checkered flag) for anyone but the overall leader


  • Fixed delta weather alerts, checking every 5 minutes for changes in windstrength, air temp, track temp, air pressure or humidity


  • Fixed Traction down and up commands


  • Fixed alerts stopping from executing, due to ttsSpeaking boolean not going back to false


  • Fixed proximity alert when others are exiting pits.


  • Changed otherPitExitDistThreshold variable from 2.7 sec to 250 meters, due to an iRacing glitch at pit exit using drivers CarIdxEstTime from live telemetry. It now runs on distance instead.

Version 1.1 »

  • Added “No fuel” (noFuel) and “No tires” (noTires) commands, to un-select tires or fuel for the pit stop


  • Added “Change all/front/rear/left/right/front left/front right/rear left/rear right tire/tires”, so you can ask for changing the tires only. Saying “Change left tires” will only change the front left and rear left tires.


  • Added “autoFuel” boolean for Pro version during races, to determine whether or not to automatically add the “fuel fill” amount plus “autoFuelSafetyAmount” (default 5 liters) to the next pitstop. The fuel changes are done with about 5 laps to go in every stint during a race. By default this function is off, but can be turned on in “iRacing | General Data” -> “Update Variables”.


  • Fixed bug in “Camera next/previous” and “Camera next/previous car”, where camera would change both camera and car at the same time


  • Key binds reset to iRacing default now. Some other key binds had to move due to this.


  • Changes from 1.05 is therefore in following commands (new default key binds in parenthesis):
    • Box down/up/left/right(down,up,left,right),
    • Set okay(space),
    • Voice chat up(shift-d),
    • Voice chat down(shift-x),
    • Take screenshot(Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F12),
    • Spotter volume up(shift-s),
    • Spotter volume down(shift-z),
    • Mute driver(n),
    • FOV up([),
    • FOV down(]),
    • Drive & To pit stall commands (shift-r),
    • Stop engine (i),
    • Start engine (s),
    • Open Camera Tool (Ctrl-F12),
    • Calibrate (;),
    • Toggle TC off(alt-b),
    • Traction control up(alt-t),
    • Traction control down(alt-g).


  • All iRacing default commands here:


  • Added ABS, Throttle Shaping, Fuel Mixture and Engine Power as commands. Say eg. “Increase ABS” or “Fuel Mixture down” to change them 1 click.


  • Fixed Free Version, so it doesn’t screw up when trying to access Pro features and pro variables.


  • Fixed issue with alertRaceCheckeredFlag not giving info using Free version


  • Fixed issue with alertNewLap not giving info using Free version


  • Made classPosition, classPositionInt and classPositionAtStartOfRace available in the free version.

Version 1.05 »

  • Added speech queue system, so that no alerts step over each other. Still alerts may stop voice feedback that you requested manually. Also it might stop alerts from talking if you request a voice feedback manually.


  • Added possibility to use The DRE during lone practices


  • Fixed so that gapToBehind and gapToAhead announces decimal values when there’s less than 1 sec to the other car


  • “alert general” – Removed global “alertGeneral” bool and replaced with separate bools: “alertPedals”, “alertRaceCheckeredFlag”, “alertCarsPit” so you can decide now if you want to get warned about pedals, comments after the race or not and hear when close competitors pit


  • “Set right/left tire pressure up/down” – Added option to change and set tire pressure of either left or right side only. Eg. “Set left pressure up 1 click”


  • “Add Fuel” – more stable


  • “Initialize The DRE” – waits before continuing after calling “display units” to get correct units from iRacing.


  • “Start typing” – added short wait after begin of writing in the iRacing before letters are pasted. This fixes the missing first letter in the dictation.


  • “activate alerts” – Removed alertGeneral bool and added “alertPedals” and “alertRaceCheckeredFlag” bools.


  • “Fuel left” – Small correction


  • “Pit speed limit” – Small correction, won’t change value over a lap


  • “Update Numbers/Variables” – The “onTrackDistFactor” variable added and removed “onTrackDistThreshold” and is now a factor defining dynamically how far behind your car to scan for quicker cars and announce it with the On Track Proximity Alert. Default value is 0.25. Valid values only between 0.1 and 1.0! The formula for checking behind is “car within seconds = deltaBestLapTimeToCarBehind * -onTrackDistFactor – 0.5”. Example with the default 0.25 factor with a car doing 5 seconds quicker lap times than you: 5*-0.25 – 0.5 = within -1.75 seconds. With a factor of 0.75 instead: 5*-0.75 – 0.5 = within -4.25 seconds.


  • “alertGeneral” – Fixed announcement at checkered flag to come when near the S/F lap on the last lap instead of when the checkered is shown for the leader


  • “alertProximity” – Optimized the proximity alerts when on track so they are more stable


  • “Fuel” – Fixed bug when asking for different fuel commands in kilos or pounds



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